I am a computational and clinical neuroscientist working to understand how the brain and the autonomic nervous system dynamically interact in order to support social-emotional well-being. I am currently working as a postdoctoral scholar with Drs. William Seeley and Virginia Sturm at the Memory and Aging Center, University of California San Francisco. In my work, I apply state-of-the-art dynamic analysis techniques on resting-state fMRI data and multichannel autonomic recordings to explore how ongoing brain and autonomic activity support social-emotional functions in older adults. I was supported by the German Academic Foundation while pursuing the graduate program Medical Life Science and Technology, where I investigated large-scale brain network dysfunctions in Alzheimer's disease with Dr. Christian Sorg at the Neuroimaging Center at the Technical University of Munich. I have previously worked on the epidemiology of dementia in Latin American countries (Centre for Global Mental Health, King's College London) and collaborated with the Brain Institute of Natal (UFRN, Brazil) on a project investigating the impact of psychedelic substances on brain function. I received my MScs in neuroscience and public health at the Ludwig Maximilan University in Munich.